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Our Partnerships

At the Network for Social and Educational Equity (NSEE), we build research and development collaborations with schools, their partners and others to close the poverty-related achievement gap.

We work with:

Children's Neighbourhood Scotland logo            Children’s Neighbourhoods Scotland

Dundee City Council logo           Dundee City Council

          Glasgow Centre for Population Health

North Lanarkshire Council logo     North Lanarkshire Council

              Policy Scotland at the University of Glasgow

South Lanarkshire Council logo          South Lanarkshire Council

West Partnership logo

The Purpose

NSEE’s purpose is to close the poverty related attainment gap by improving student outcomes in literacy, numeracy and health & wellbeing.  

We use research evidence, data approaches and collaborative working to improve classroom practices, build leadership capacity and support organisational development.  

NSEE builds on approaches with a track record of improving outcomes for disadvantages students.  The NSEE approach prioritises four key areas of work:

  1. Enhancing the quality of learning and teaching, leadership and working with families & communities
  2. Building leadership capacity to manage change and improvement at all levels
  3. Building expertise for the effective use of the Pupil Equity Fund and understanding about what works and why in closing the attainment gap
  4. Providing opportunities for sharing expertise and developing new practices both locally and nationally.

Collaborative Intervention

Learn more about why NSEE is a ‘collaborative intervention’ rather than a quick fix.