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Every Dundee Learner Matters – A strategy for untapping the potential within schools and communities

Dundee City Council has launched a major new strategy to improve the quality of education for all children and young people in the city. It is coordinated by experienced headteachers, with support from the local authority and researchers from the University of Glasgow, including the Network for Social and Educational Equity team.

The aim is to find more effective ways to ensure the progress of all pupils, particularly those who are a cause for concern, by concentrating on the three P’s – presence, participation and progress.

Commenting on the new strategy, the Chief Education Officer, Audrey May, said: “Our new strategy will draw on the amazing potential that exists within our nurseries and schools, and across our communities in Dundee. It is through working together that we will truly deliver excellence for all Dundee’s children and young people.”

Improving learning for all children and young people

Every Dundee Learner Matters starts from the assumption that local schools already do well for many pupils – the idea now is to improve the learning of all children and young people.

The strategy recognises that there is considerable expertise within the schools, their communities and the local authority that can be used to address this agenda. The aim, therefore, is to move this knowledge around so that it is made available to all pupils, in every nursery and school.

Professor Chris Chapman, who leads the research team from the Robert Owen Centre at the University of Glasgow, explained: “Our contribution involves using evidence from international research to support Dundee’s push to create a world-class education system. This provides us with a splendid opportunity to participate in and learn from a major system-wide innovation.”


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