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covid-19 early responses - research

Research by the Network for Social and Educational Equity and Children’s Neighbourhoods Scotland sought to understand how local responses were working in a rapidly changing context and provide insights that can support the next phase of COVID-19 action at both local and national levels.

Read about Collaborative Action Research in the time of COVID-19 here.

Insights – our briefings 24 April 2020.

Briefing part 2 – ‘deepening crisis’ for families.

Briefing part 3 – the third sector’s crucial role.

Briefing part 4 – lessons from the hub schools.

Briefing part 5 – impact on refugees and migrant families (on the Policy Scotland website).



The NSEE team has written several blogs and articles about the work of our network in response to the pandemic’s effects on education.

NSEE convenes a new network focussing on crisis response in education

Lessons from the hubs – accelerated change and collaboration

International perspectives on reopening schools

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