Work explores impact of climate youth activism programme

The Network for Social and Educational Equity at the Robert Owen Centre for Educational Change is working with Young Scot to evaluate the organisation’s Scottish Youth Climate Programme. Young Scot is the national youth information and citizenship charity for 11–26-year-olds in Scotland. The charity provides information, ideas and opportunities for young people, helping them to […]

West Dunbartonshire project explores mental health services for young people

By Jo Neary and Romina Madrid The Network for Social and Educational Equity (NSEE) is currently working with colleagues in West Dunbartonshire to evaluate the experience of young people in the area trying to access mental health support. The first part of this work was a consultation with practitioners—teachers, third sector workers, educational psychologists and […]

Seminar: ‘Research, collaboration and inspection: towards a research-informed system’.

Professor Daniel Muijs, Head of Research, OfSTED will present on: In an increasingly complex public service landscape, in which the demands on educators are increasing, while simultaneously the context they are working in becomes more complex, it is ever more essential that we use evidence-informed approaches that are best suited to addressing these challenges. In this […]