Chris Chapman appointed to Government Covid Expert Advisory Sub-Group on universities & colleges

Professor Chris Chapman. the Network for Social and Educational Equity’s principal investigator, has been invited to be part of the Scottish Government COVID Expert Advisory Sub-Group on Universities and Colleges. The group focuses on issues for universities and colleges in Scotland, and provides advice to support and inform the development of iterative operational guidance for […]

The Challenges of Digital Inclusion in Education

NSEE senior researchers, Stuart Hall and Kevin Lowden, along with their University of Glasgow School of Education colleague, Stephen McKinney recently contributed a paper to the Scottish Education Research Association’s poverty network special bulletin. The paper entitled The Challenges to Digital Inclusion discussed the serious concerns around online learning and teaching, and the extent of […]

Education survey finds encouraging results for collaborative practices

The Network for Social and Educational Equity undertook a survey of educational professionals in the west of Scotland. The survey is part of work we are doing to evaluate the effectiveness of the West Partnership Regional Improvement Collaborative, Scotland’s biggest RIC in terms of the number of schools and pupils. It gave us a snapshot […]