Learner-centred education, democracy, and the problem of educational change

By Michele Schweisfurth I was in New York last week, which was a very fine place to be in the autumn, or just about anytime for that matter.  I was there to attend an Open Society Foundations-sponsored meeting of some of us who have been researching learner-centred education as an imported practice in developing countries. […]

How do researchers make sense of large amounts of qualitative data?

By Oscar Odena In my experience of carrying out research in a number of contexts, making sense of large amounts of qualitative data is the real issue for many researchers. And that’s not surprising. One of the expectations of social enquiry projects is that they will have a decent amount of data which helps address […]

Education, justice and democracy: The struggle over ignorance and opportunity

By Professor Stephen Ball This is the name of a new report I wrote for CLASS, the Centre for Labour and Social Studies, which was published in September 2013. Below is an edited extract from the report, the full version of which can be found here. Comments are welcome. Despite the relentless and repeated criticisms […]